The Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law

The Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law is a foundation, having legal personality, established at Ankara Law Faculty by a Protocol which was signed between Turkish Isbank (Türkiye İş Bankası) and Ankara Law Faculty on 1st December 1954. The aim of the Institute is to make and encourage the scientific research, studies and publications in the fields of national and international commercial, banking, insurance and arbitration law and to bring the Turkish banking and commercial law to a high level among the modern legal systems. During the last 60 years, the Research Institute of Banking and Commercial Law has become a center for the private lawyers in which the collegues carry on their researches, discuss and exchange their opinions.

Scientific Activities: Every year since 1983  Institute regularly organizes a Symposium on Commercial Law and the Decision of the Court of Cassation. All the papers and the discussions made during these symposiums are published. Apart from this, Institute arranges symposiums on banking law and various other actual matters. The papers presented in those symposiums are also published. The scientific activities of the Institute such as symposiums, are mainly taken into account by the Turkish lawmaker.

Publications: Until now 499 books (monographs, symposiums, scientific meetings, bibliographies etc.) has been published by the Institute. Other than these publications, the leading refeered  journal of Turkey on private law,  Banking and Commercial Law Journal (Batider), which appears quaterly starting with the first issue of 2009, is being published since 1961.Batider is cited in Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP).

Courses: Institute courses on accounting, capital markets, financial reporting, ADR, corporate governance, tax law, business law and legal English are followed by a various number of under and over graduate students and professionals. In the last 29 years 4000 participants took part in the Institute courses. The final certificate which is given to those who complete the courses successfully, is also taken into consideration in the senior appointments of the professionals.

Library: The Institute has a specialized library in the field of commercial, banking, insurance and arbitration law. In this library, there are mainly books published in Turkish, German, French, English and Italian on the above mentioned fields. Institute has been subscribed around 56 journals in various languages. Every person, Turkish or foreigner, who is making a research in the field of commercial, banking, insurance and arbitration law may use the Institute’s library and archives, free of charge.